The RealLifePowerPuff website was created in 2020 as an information resource with free literary content for aspiring writers. The idea of ​​the site’s creators was to open a high-quality information portal with a clear interface and accessible information on literature theory, creative writing, book publishing, and book marketing.

Every day we expand the functionality of the resource. So today, RealLifePowerPuff is the only literary ecosystem for beginner writers. By accessing the site, the author can read articles, study literature theory, practice writing fiction, publish their works, and participate in author reviews. Also, they can freely use the portal’s information services on the site aggregators of literary contests, courses, magazines and almanacs. Book publishers and events for writers (including poetry slams and festivals) take place too.

Everything that an author, who is part of a professional literary community, needs is collected on one site.

RealLifePowerPuff is a non-profit blog where writers can exchange experiences. Our project unites people who are passionate about literature and are looking for knowledge about writing and book publishing. We distribute the information necessary for each author in order to write high-quality prose and achieve success in promoting their texts.
Who can seek help on RealLifePowerPuff?
There are two cases when writers need help and support – at the very beginning of their career and at times of crisis.
If you are a novice writer
It is always scary to start. And many at the beginning of the path would like to find a mentor to get the necessary theoretical foundations or simply say: “Everything will be fine. You will succeed!”

Users of our platform will tell you (and show!) how to write a book, story or fairy tale, an article. For many, the path to great literature was opened through journalism.

Of course, you can learn the basics of literary skill on your own for a long time while painfully reinventing the wheel. Or you can go on a short road. Are you sure you want to learn how to write a good book? Then it’s clear which way you will choose.
If you are in a creative crisis
Sometimes, desire is not enough to continue writing. Something else is needed. Often, this mysterious “something” is not immediately found. And usually, authors in a creative crisis only need help from colleagues to understand what they are missing. Here, you can find that inspiration and help without a problem.