Sooner or later, most singles try their hand at online dating, or at least find themselves checking out profiles on the dating sites. Some timid folks never get beyond the browsing stage as they are unsure of exactly how online dating works. I go through how I signed up for a dating site.

To someone who has never used the venue before, trying to decide on a suitable site can be daunting. There are so many now, including specialized sites for different religions, disabilities, and ages. If this describes you, your best first course of action is to investigate different sites that catch your interest.

Once you’ve chosen a site to try, you need to register and create a profile. Don’t let this step intimidate you. Initial information you need to supply is very simple – are you an American man who looking for an Asian brides, an asian woman looking for a man, that sort of thing. You will need to fill in other basic things, such as the age range of your ideal match, location, what you want your potential to look like, in other words what you’re looking for.

There will come a point in the questionnaire where you will also need to fill in what your interests are, and what activities you like to take part in, as well as a little schpeal about yourself. This last part is not the time to be vague. If you like hiking, for example, expand the statement with something like, “I really enjoy hiking in forested foothills, and along the lake near my home.” Be descriptive without revealing too much personal information. By adding these extra descriptions, the person reading your profile can get a better sense of your personality.
After you’ve filled out your profile, your next step is find people within the site’s profiles that sound interesting to you. The ones that you think you might like to get to know better are people that you are going to want to make contact with. Don’t be shy. You have anonymity online, these people can’t see or hear you, they can only read your words unless you choose to have a live video feed via your webcam. Most sites have a few different options to initiate contact, such a sending a wink or a one line opener. Choose whatever option you are most comfortable with. As long as you are not revealing personal information, you have nothing to lose.

Often times, you will likely receive a first contact before you have the chance to make the first move. Great! When that happens, check out the profile of the person who contacted you to determine if you’re interested. If so, you only need to respond and enjoy.

Online Dating Safety Tips

The internet has really changed our world. Almost everything can be done online these days, even something as personal as meeting your soulmate. While accessing the world through your computer is wonderful, you need to exercise a sensible amount of caution, such as the recommendations in these online dating safety tips. Don’t divulge too much personal information too soon.

When you are chatting online to someone you’ve never met, you are dealing with a stranger. You are banking on the other person being whom they claim to be. Do not give out your address, phone number, or other pertinent information that would enable someone to find you. Set up an email account that you can use anonymously. One of the free ones is fine, but choose a user name that no one can associate with you, and have that name show when people receive emails or chats from you. It goes without saying that no other personal details are to show.

If things go well with someone online and the two of you decide to meet, be sure to make the location a very public one. Make the first date a shorter one so that you have an out if you’re feeling uncomfortable. Even if things are going well, and you feel good about having your first date with this wonderful person you met online, do not let him or her pick you up.

Get yourself to the appointed location, and take yourself home. If you are feeling uncomfortable, or that something isn’t right, pay attention to that feeling and end the online chat or date, or at least cease to pursue the relationship afterward. Fill a friend or family member in on your plans if you go out with someone you met online. Let them know what you know about your date. On a date, carry your cell phone and have a friend call you at a preset time to ensure you’re alright, or to give you an out should you need one. Don’t drink too much. Alcohol can impair your judgment and decisions. Use paid online dating sites. The free sites can be fun and give you a sense of what online dating is like, but since a credit card number isn’t given, there is no way for the site to verify identity or marital status.

Online dating is a wonderful way to meet people. Many Celebrities Have Tried online dating sites. Enjoy yourself and be safe.

Now that you have some online dating safety tips, go find your soulmate and be happy